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Standing in your truth, brings true freedom

D. Renee' Neal

Life Coach, Author, Wife,Mother, and Speaker

     D. Renee Neal was adopted at the tender age of four, and moved from North Carolina to Tampa, Florida. She was a very curious child. To feed her imagination and inquisitive nature Renee buried herself in books. Still ranked as her favorite hobby, Renee has read more than 5,000 books in her adult life. Renee worked in the field of Psychology. With criminal juveniles, mental health, foster children and those who had been court appointed to attend therapy sessions, and intensively with Marriage and Family relationships.

      For more than 25 years her passion has been to work with families, where she has indevoured to build as the devil has tried to destroy. As a Chaplain and former adjunct professor at Oakwood University, Renee' has taught chaplaincy and counseling in the School of Religion. Mrs. Neal is an international speaker and has trained and facilitated countless workshops, seminars, and conferences in Africa, Bermuda, and Canada to name a few. Mrs Neal has been seen and heard on numerous television and radio broadcasts and has been cited in many newspapers and publications. 



       Having worked so long with marriages and family relationships she has come to realize how underserved men are. They don’t have enough safe places to express themselves without being judged or made to feel like they don’t matter. So Renee’ went back to school one more time to become a life coach and specialize in men's issues. She is wanting a thorough God to give them a voice and a place for them to grow into the person God intended them to be.

     Neal has 2 adult daughters and in her mind the best son in law in the world.

She  lives by and daily recites Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.”

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