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A book of work towards healing and hope for the Christian Woman in America!

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About the Book

There is a divine, wisdom, energy, and fortitude that God gave only to women. Man may be the head in our society but women are truly the neck. The neck doesn’t always get the attention it deserves, and most of the time it does its job in complete silence. Rest assured, the neck is the conduit for the whole body. Because women are the neck it is up to us through God to move THIS America into being more of a “UNITED” STATES.

This book of Work is just that... So many times we talk about race and how something needs to be done about the state of the nation but we just don't know what to do... This book will give you steps, ideas and projects of things we all can do. Hopefully, it can change some of our and those in our circle's thought processes that we may not be pleased with. But most of all I'm praying it will give us a better understanding of the Christian way to bring about change. To bring us to a United State of America.

"I think if we are truthful with ourselves, we can all agree on some level that this United States is anything but “united.” We are divided on how liberty and justice should be given out. The water gets even more murky when you add Christianity into the mix."

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Getting to U.S. is so much more than just a book, it's a movement, that requires each of us to take action. A movement that seeks to touch and transform the hearts of those involved. America has a problem, but it's not something we can't fix. With Forgiveness, Honesty, and Communication we can get to U.S.

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